Kirby Brownlow
Founder, Director

Kirby has almost 10 years experience across a diverse range of business sectors. Kirby was enlisted as a Rifleman in the Australian Defence Force from 2002-06 at the 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment as part of the ADF's Ready Deployment Force.

Following defence force service, Kirby spent nearly a decade in prison. Kirby has since recovered and re-organised, and now operates in the private sector within the established criminal justice system having worked as the Principal Consultant with ARCOFYRE® since 2017.

Having supported hundreds of people with a range of services including peer mentoring, public speaking, leadership, training & development, critical outreach, communications and security/risk mananagement. Kirby has led the way with lived experienced peer mentoring in the justice sector since 2017 within the South Australian community essentailly re-writing his own narrative, and in doing so, supporting others to desist from offending.

Kirby's intention is to lead the ARCOFYRE® team into the future by providing bespoke solutions to a wide range of challenges facing people in the criminal justice system.

In 2023, the ARCOFYRE® Team expanded into Western Australia, Tasmania and The Australian Capital Territory with the support of veteran and lived experience networks.

Kirby is a passionate and visionary leader who cares for his clients and his team. He enjoys walking, tennis, Call of Duty and Mexican food.

Associate Consultants:
In some cases, Arcofyre will engage experts for  client services when and where required.

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